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Archive: August 2009 and earlier

Volume 5:3 – August/September 2009
  • The Latest of Generic Biologies
  • Let's Get It Together
  • Ontario: Bill 102, Part 2
  • Health Impacts Productivity
  • Lessons from US Health Reform Efforts

  • Bill Zolis at the Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade Networking Breakfast

    Heart and Stroke Foundation: Big Bike 2009

    Ajax Pickering Board of Trade Annual Golf Day

    Exciting News: Board unveils Member Referral Program
    The Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade has started a new program to reward members who help lead new businesses into the fold... (Read More)

    Employee Group Benefit Plans still important during tough economic times
    "When employees don’t feel supported, valued or respected, it can create interference that will impact their ability to perform."

    Volume 5:1 – January 2009
  • Bad Bosses and Broken Hearts
  • Insight on Incentives
  • Disability Benefits – Challenging the Status Quo
  • Generic Drugs Generate Challenge
  • Drug Plan Management – Dancing in the Dark

  • A Wealth of Wellness Knowledge
    Bill Zolis of the Callery Group talked about the challenges that employers face in trying to create a "Psychologically Healthy Workplace" during the Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade’s latest Lunch & Learn event. (view PDF)

    Volume 4:2 – July 2008
  • Not just about money: The Cancer Advocacy Coalition’s 2007 Report
  • Employers speak in the 2008 sanofi-aventis Healthcare Survey
  • ESI Canada sounds the alarm
  • Obesity management: Good for public health; bad for public purse
  • Key issues in Canadian wellness programs

  • Prevention helps control spiralling benefit costs
    Although we may try to ignore it, stress doesn't go away. It just goes to work inside the body. A true visionary Human Resource manager will acknowledge the importance of their role in supporting a wellness path for the workforce and cost saving for the bottom line. (view archived PDF from Durham Business Times)

    Avoiding burnout during the holiday season
    With the holidays just around the corner, temperatures falling, and days becoming dark and short, it is easy for us to become overwhelmed by stress, seasonal depression and the uneasy feeling of not being able to finish everything by the year's end. This article reviews the various stressors, and how to deal with them, to avoid burnout and productivity loss. (view full article)

    Brian Callery and Bill Zolis at an event held by the Ajax Rotary.

    Volume 3:2 - Spring 2007
  • A Force for Change: Policing Tradition Meets Modern Management
  • Diabetes - Disease Management
  • Donald Speers, Arrow Hose & Tubing Inc. - View from the Top
  • Mona Fanous, Katz Group. - Doctor On Call
  • The Fight for Progress: Innovation or Inertia? - Editorial

  • Volume 3:1 - Winter 2007
  • Are the 50 top employers really a great place to work?
  • US company links benefits to health screening
  • Insight on job attitudes
  • Physician views on drug adherence
  • Employer thinking on their health obligations

  • Volume 2:4 - Winter 2006
  • Are you prepared for a pandemic?
  • From the Editor: What, me worry?
  • View from the top: An interview with Jay Myers
  • The Bottom Line: Protecting Your Interests
  • Disease Management: Thoughts on a Pandemic
  • Doctor on Call: Dr. David McKeown (City of Toronto)

  • Volume 2:2 - Summer 2006
  • From the Editor: The Question of Incentive
  • View from the top - An interview with Kevin Huckle
  • A Look at Nova Scotia's HealthWork Program: Building Bridges
  • Disease Focus: Arthritis
  • Doctor on call - An interview with Dr. Hyman Tannenbaum

  • Volume 2:2 - Summer 2006
  • From the Editor: The Question of Incentive
  • View from the top - An interview with Kevin Huckle
  • A Look at Nova Scotia's HealthWork Program: Building Bridges
  • Disease Focus: Arthritis
  • Doctor on call - An interview with Dr. Hyman Tannenbaum

  • Emotional wellness in the workplace
    Culture of understanding within workforce urged to improve workplace environment (view archived PDF from www.durhamregion.com)

    Volume 2:1 - Spring 2006
  • Health Council Reports Dismal Progress
  • The Evidence on Ergonomics
  • HR: Time to Rethink Attraction & Retention?
  • What’s New in Worksite Health Promotion? Less.
  • UK Fund Manager: Less Stress = More Value

  • Volume 1:5 - Winter 05/06
  • The mind of the consumer
  • View from the top - an interview with Brian Taylor
  • Higher Learning at the University of Calgary
  • Disease focus - obesity
  • Doctor on call (Dr. Arya M. Sharma)

  • Volume 1:4 - Winter 2005
  • Healthy workplaces begin with satisfied employees
  • Presenteeism: making its presence felt
  • Mixing dollars and sense: how Canada finances health care
  • Pandemic flu: taking a shot at business
  • Working women: beating another barrier

  • Volume 1:2 - Summer 2005
  • A national pool for high-cost drug claims
  • View from the top - an interview with Kimberley Hogan
  • Tune up your heart drives better health at DaimlerChrysler
  • Managing disease - mental health
  • Doctor on call (Erhard W. Busse, MD)

  • Volume 1:1 - Spring 2005
  • Lower co-pays... lower drug costs? (Pitney Bowes)
  • Learning from GM's worksite diabetes program (General Motors)
  • Insurance and genetic testing
  • Best practices in return to work (Institute for Work & Health)
  • A convincing case for healthy workplaces (IAPA)

  • Premier Issue 2005
  • Patient safety - are Canadian hospitals "taking care of business"?
  • View from the top - an interview with Craig Wallwin
  • Turning around short term disability costs
  • A primer on diabetes
  • Doctor on call (E. Douglas Gatt, MD)

  • The Callery Group insurance and financial planning company, with offices in Whitby and Port Perry, recently celebrated 30 years in business. (Read More)
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